Thursday, December 19, 2013

Happy Holi-Nays.

Holi-Nays? Get it? Like holidays but short for nails? Okay, I'm done.
It's absolutely not a secret that I love two things.
1.) Glitter
2.) A theme
The holidays basically blow my mind with all the on-theme glitter-splosion nail art possibilities. Admittedly, I'm not great with intricately painted nails--my left hand is relatively useless. Since we are pinchin' pennies after holiday shopping I was perusing some cute, and relatively easy, ideas for my Christmas Eve & Christmas Day nails.
Some top contenders:
Adorable! Though not SUPER easy, it'd probably be less of a headache with a well-placed stencil...or if you just print it out and bring the photo to a friend who is good at painting nails.
Dots, yes. I can handle dots.
Party nail alert! I like a good accent nail, it makes me feel really fancy.
GLITTER! I swear, I'll be 98 years old and still lovin' the sparkle.
Are you into the nail art trend or do you let your tips go au naturale?

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