Friday, December 27, 2013


Love bombs from two wonderful ladies in my life.
I am currently...
....eating so many delicious leftovers! My gramma is the world's best cook (no, seriously, she is) and she always makes everyone a dinner plate to take home. Rhyno and I treat it the leftovers like gold and dole out one tiny bite at a time to savor every morsel.
...making resolutions right and left. New Year's Eve is right around the bend, yo! I am so ready for a happy, healthy year.
...on my To Do list sadly packing up the Christmas decorations and happily doing a deep clean/purge of our home. Rhyno and I have been saying for weeks that we need to get rid of all the JUNK. We always try to purge but still hold on to some things. Nope, be gone, clutter! But, ugh, I will so miss you, my beloved Christmas tree and your bright colored lights. It is always so hard for me to undecorated my house after Christmas but I am SO looking forward to the fresh start.
...listening to all the Rilo Kiley I can get my hands on, like always. 2013 was a rough year for me and RK is my comfort object. They have been my favorite band, confidant, and best friend since I was 15. I swear I listen to The Frug a million times a day. Jenny Lewis has helped me through every good, bad, sad, and joyous moment in my life. My brother-in-law bought me one of my favorite albums of all time (The Execution of All Things) and I want to listen to it all day forever and ever.
...reading Melissa Explains It All by Melissa Joan Hart. I am a '90's girl and I love Melissa Joan Hart without shame. She is my favorite. I cannot resist a good memoir. I just cannot.
...watching less's a resolution that I am starting early. Dang, I miss TV. It works out though because the DVD player in our bedroom decided to crap out earlier this week (and we don't have cable TV in our house).
...loving how generous, wonderful, and thoughtful the people in my life are. Early in the week I came home from an emotionally rough day to two packages on my doorstep. I ripped each open and found what's pictured above. In each box was a perfect bundle of things I deeply love and honestly? I was moved to tears unwrapping each item. Lovely, beautiful surprises that made me feel so grateful to have such great friends.
...hoping for the most kick ass 2014 possible--for me and for you, too. 
 Have a great weekend!
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