Monday, December 2, 2013


In an effort to soak all the joy I possibly can out of life, I've been trying to really find beauty in those every day moments that I tend to typically take for granted. I know that someday I'll long for that extra time in bed or that piping hot coffee while sitting on the patio. I attempted to snap shot the little things as to not completely forget those little things.
My Sunday moments:
Sleeping in...and by "in" I mean 6:30am when Violet decided she wanted to play.

Speak of the devil! I can't say no to that face.

Rhyno teases me about my "millions of breakfast drinks." Ice water, ginger tea, black coffee, a few shots of wheatgrass, and hot water with lemon juice.

And then he teases me about my pills. They're actually vitamins--omega 3 oil, folic acid, a multi-vitamin, and kombucha capsule to be exact.

Shopping til we drop. Rhyno and I spent a good chunk of the day seeing Catching Fire (mmmmm, Peeta) and Christmas shopping.

Sweet scented candles to make our house not stink of dog.

Playing Frisbee with Violet in the leafy backyard.

A late afternoon sip. A fancy craft beer for him, cheap pinot grigio (cause I can't tell the difference) for me.

Loud music on loop. Rilo Kiley's RKives.

Enjoying a treat for being a good girl while we were at the mall. It was the first time we left her home alone outside of her crate and she didn't destroy anything!

One of my favorite times of day. Where the night sets in and our lights come on. Also, Violet is messy.

A Sunday evening bath with homemade sugar scrub, a good book, and hot water.

A stack of varied books to keep me occupied.

A homemade soup for dinner. It took hours and turned out kind of gross. Win some, lose some.

Checkin' my steps.

Washing the day off of my face. This is my favorite routine. It's been (mostly) the same for about a decade. There's comfort in that.
What are your favorite mundane moments of your day?

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