Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Entryway.

In the last year and a half-ish that we've been living in our home, I've been trying to spruce up every corner and make it a real home. One area that I've put off (um, mostly cause I never realized I could do anything with it) is our small entryway. Our front door is in our front room, with a half wall separating it from the living space. For now we just have some cute coat hooks on the wall but Rhyno and I both agreed we need something more--a small table to put keys and things on.
So of course I ran to Pinterest and started drooling over the many ideas for the entry space of our house. Some ideas...
I love how gorgeously organized this space is with calendars, hooks, and designated spaces for everyone's things.
So much storage space! I love having an enclosed space to put our shoes because if left out in the open, Violet helps herself to chewing them up.
My favorite! I love the bench with multi-colored pillows to add an extra punch of color to the house.
I can't wait to make this little space even more welcoming!

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